Lyle S. Hallman Foundation

Past Grants

Healthcare Grants

Strong healthcare institutions are fundamental to community wellbeing. We support healthcare in Waterloo Region through grants to Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital, and St. Mary's General Hospital. These investments may include buildings, equipment, training and professional development, or other programs.


Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation

CMH Liver Health, Regional Centre of Excellence


The CMH Liver Health, Regional Centre of Excellence will serve the increasing needs of Waterloo Region residents living with liver disease. The Centre will save and prolong patient lives by coordinating their rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and prepare them for organ transplant or further medical intervention when necessary.

St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation together with Grand River Hospital Foundation

Regional Health – Clinical Services & Facilities Plan


St. Mary’s and Grand River hospitals are preparing a joint Master Plan Stage 0-1 submission which will outline the clinical services and healthcare facility infrastructure required to deliver services to our Region over the next 25 years.


St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation

Heart Rhythm Program


As the regional provider of advanced cardiac care, St. Mary's has a responsibility to actively diagnose and treat all conditions related to heart function. Adding a fully comprehensive Heart Rhythm Program to our nationally recognized centre, we will be able to cure many arrhythmias, eliminate the need for long-term drug treatments and prolong life expectancy- close to home.


Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation

Transformation CMH


A Capital Expansion of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital. The project highlights the patient care benefits associated with having the most up to date facility in the Region as well as the improved working conditions for our physicians, staff and medical professionals.

Grand River Hospital Foundation

One Patient, One Record


Grand River Hospital will greatly improve every patient's experience with an HIS that is fully integrated across all services: from emergency to the lab and medical imaging, to inpatient stays and outpatient visits. It's the first stage to providing patients with one complete health record in all local hospitals.


St Mary's General Hospital Foundation

Endoscopy Program Scope Fleet Upgrade
The endoscopy fleet upgrade will significantly enhance St. Mary’s ability to detect and diagnose lung, colon, esophageal, pancreatic and rectal cancers, as well as non-cancerous pancreatic disorders and other gastro-intestinal problems.  It will bring a new service to the region that is not currently available, and will increase the number of patients that can be seen by the existing program.