Lyle S. Hallman Foundation



Grant Review Process


Once we receive your online submission and all the required attachments, your application will be reviewed and assessed by the staff team of the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation. Every application undergoes a financial analysis, and we seek confidential input from external advisors, experts and other funders. Applications relevant to children and youth will also be reviewed by local youth if possible.


We may request a virtual or in-person site visit. Site visits are conducted by staff and members of the volunteer Donations Advisory Council (DAC) to some or all of the applicants in a given granting program. The visits allow us to see a program “in action”, tour facilities, ask more in-depth questions, and meet the principle parties involved.


All of the collected information is then assessed by the DAC, working together with staff. The DAC develops a set of recommendations for funding, which goes to the Board of Trustees.


Our Trustees then make the final decision based on the Foundation’s funding priorities and available funds.


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